Spiritual Growth

August 09, 2012

     If we want to grow spiritually, there are actions we must take.
We must be ever increasing in our faith and we know faith comes by hearing (the word). Spiritual growth happens when we are speaking the word, if you're not speaking the word, what are you speaking? 
     The only ability the enemy has is to steal the word from you, that is, if you let him. You have the ability to shut him down, to refuse to allow him to discourage you. How? With the word, but the word must first be in you, by hearing and speaking it. 



We are in agreement with the tither and we expect the windows of heaven to be open and the Blessing to be poured out on your life! 
We are in agreement with all those giving an offering and we expect that gifts will be given to them good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over!
You are blessed to be a blessing

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